Kew: Wakehurst Review in Winter, Jan 2020.

Today I spent New Years Day getting some fresh air in the lovely Wakehurst, just outside Ardingly in West Sussex. Linked to Kew Gardens, this place has a seed bank – unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to explore the seed bank but I managed to see Wakehurst Place – the beautiful Manor House andContinue reading “Kew: Wakehurst Review in Winter, Jan 2020.”

Lavender Fields near London?

I’ve always wanted to visit the beautiful lavender fields in the South of France. I’ve romanticised the idea into something quite spectacular. But with only a couple of days off work and the Summer nearly over (did it even begin?) I ventured much closer to home to see the dreamy purple haze of the lavenderContinue reading “Lavender Fields near London?”

How to make a cheap, quick and easy Easter chocolate hamper

Easter is fast approaching and I made a quick trip to the Supermarket to buy some chocolates for my parents. I know that they aren’t too keen on normal Easter eggs so I bought a selection of chocs that I know that they like. So after purchasing some good old ferrero rocher. Some cadbury miniContinue reading “How to make a cheap, quick and easy Easter chocolate hamper”

How to make an Easter/Mothers Day Floral Basket Arrangement

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow and so I’ve been to the local supermarket to pick up some fresh flowers. They were selling bunches of mixed flowers for up to £30 but I figured I could create something which would look much more Spring like for much less cash. I’ve used a basket which I bought fromContinue reading “How to make an Easter/Mothers Day Floral Basket Arrangement”

The Sportsman Pub Review: Goddards Green

I’ve been meaning to try out the Sportsman Pub for a while now, I ventured there a few weeks ago in the midsts of Winter, hoping for a hearty Sunday Roast to warm me up, but was unfortunately turned away as they were so busy. I learnt my lesson and this time, booked a tableContinue reading “The Sportsman Pub Review: Goddards Green”

How to make a Spring Easter Wreath with Artificial Flowers

It’s been a grey and dreary week with no sunshine in sight. I decided to cheer myself up by creating an artificial floral wreath to brighten up the house. For this project I needed the following; a polystyrene wreath (from Hobbycraft) The wreath was around £3.80. B&M Home had a small range of fake flowerContinue reading “How to make a Spring Easter Wreath with Artificial Flowers”

Review: Lush ‘Sex Bomb’ Bath Bomb

Recently I’ve had a bit of a cold and thought I’d treat myself to a lovely long bath. I purchased a bath bomb from Lush. Not the cheapest might I add. I’m used to heading down Wilko for a £1.50 bath bomb and these Lush bombs can range from about £3.75 upwards. I thought IContinue reading “Review: Lush ‘Sex Bomb’ Bath Bomb”