Kew: Wakehurst Review in Winter, Jan 2020.

Today I spent New Years Day getting some fresh air in the lovely Wakehurst, just outside Ardingly in West Sussex. Linked to Kew Gardens, this place has a seed bank – unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to explore the seed bank but I managed to see Wakehurst Place – the beautiful Manor House and some of the gardens.

Although a grey and dreary day (and also freezing), I decided to wrap up in my scarf and coat and explore the gardens surrounding the Wakehurst Manor House. There were a lot of people about but somehow the place felt very relaxed. I explored some of the lakes and ponds and took a woodland walk. I came across some beautiful Xmas trees.

I stopped off for a slice of cake and a hot chocolate in their cafe, which was lovely. The gardens have got a very different feel to when I went in the Spring last year but I loved taking my time to look around, listen to the birds and the sound of trickling water by the pond. If you take some time to walk ‘off the beaten track’ then you won’t be disappointed, it is so peaceful.

£13.95 entry or £29.00 for the year (price correct at time of writing). I would suggest becoming a member for £29.00 and then you can visit each season and see how the place is changing.

It was a lovely day out, my only disappointment was that I had not realised that the rules had changed and dogs are now allowed in on their lead. My pug would have loved it!

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