Lavender Fields near London?

I’ve always wanted to visit the beautiful lavender fields in the South of France. I’ve romanticised the idea into something quite spectacular.

But with only a couple of days off work and the Summer nearly over (did it even begin?) I ventured much closer to home to see the dreamy purple haze of the lavender fields.

Next stop, Croydon! Well…. technically just outside at Mayfield Lavender Farm.

This jaw dropping scene of lush purples and a mindblowing scent of lavender is something you could have only dreamed of!

For Summer 2019 it was just £2.50 per person and we drove and parked there. Now, be mindful to get there early to grab a parking spot. The field itself blooms between June and September with each different section of the field blooming at different times.

Bees are plentiful so if your nervous then don’t sit in the bushes or you could get stung. Having said that, I had a wonderful time getting up close to the lavender and taking photos.

The gift shop on site offers plentiful amounts of fresh lavender bunches. I’d suggest to buy them here rather than at the mayfield garden centre which is approx a mile or two down the road. The garden centre still has the bunches but they are dried out.

Fresh bunches are £4.00

The farm also has a small field of wildflowers which look spectacular and attract the bees and butterflies. This small field gives an added dynamic and point of difference. You will also see lots of props such as an old telephone box at the field so you can take some interesting photos.

Garden centre is closeby

We spent about 50 mins at the field. If you decide to take the tractor ride and stop for some lavender scones then you could probably spend a good 2 or 3 hours exploring. All in all its a great day out just outside of London and I would highly reccomend it as great value for money. Just dont forget to pick up a gift….how could you not?

Love my little gift, a bargain at £7.00

2 thoughts on “Lavender Fields near London?

  1. I didn’t know about this place, and I live near Croydon! Lavender is one of my loves from childhood so might go there next year, if I’m here, or keep in mind for future summers. Thanks.
    Oh, and yes, your gift is a conversation piece of beautiful scent.


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