The Sportsman Pub Review: Goddards Green

I’ve been meaning to try out the Sportsman Pub for a while now, I ventured there a few weeks ago in the midsts of Winter, hoping for a hearty Sunday Roast to warm me up, but was unfortunately turned away as they were so busy. I learnt my lesson and this time, booked a table early.

The pub itself is a small and quaint size with lots of character, it has a warming and relaxed atmosphere, the sort that would make you want to sit there all afternoon and watch the world go by. It’s located just outside of Hurstpierpoint in Sussex and in my opinion, a bit of a hidden gem.

As soon as I arrived, I could smell the delicious Roast dinners. I looked around and every table was full apart from mine. I noticed that for the most part, everyone was eating a roast or a burger. Note to self, must try the burger next time too!

There were 3 main Roast Dinners on offer – lamb, beef or pork. It was a tough decision but I went with the roast pork and was not disappointed! The dinner came with a huge yorkshire pudding, hidden underneath was 4 large slices of pork loin. They were not stingy on their meat portion which was a welcome sight. Three roast potatoes and seasonal veggies and a generous pouring of gravy. The first bite was heaven!! The pork was a melt in the mouth delight with so much flavour. Not too much fat either. Everything was honestly cooked to perfection and the menu also stated that they use local produce.


For £13.50, I will definitely be going back again. Next time I might try the beef, or the burger, or the lamb! All I know is that I wont be disappointed.

Generous portion

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