How to make a Spring Easter Wreath with Artificial Flowers

Spring wreath artificial flowers
Wonderful colours, for less than £10!

It’s been a grey and dreary week with no sunshine in sight. I decided to cheer myself up by creating an artificial floral wreath to brighten up the house.

For this project I needed the following; a polystyrene wreath (from Hobbycraft) The wreath was around £3.80. B&M Home had a small range of fake flower bunches, and I picked mine up for just £6.00. I also had a pair of wire cutters to cut the stems and some ribbon.

First of all I spent around 20 minutes cutting off the flower heads and the foliage. I wanted this wreath to look natural which is why I decided to buy a bunch of flowers with lots of leaves. Artificial flowers tend to have a plastic coating over the wire stem, so you will need to cut this a little with scissors and then twist it off. Might be a good idea to use gloves as it can make your fingers sore. Don’t cut the wire too long in length, I’d say I left around a 4cm wire in order to push the stems into the polystyrene wreath.

Top stem still has the plastic, bottom stem is removed to show the bare wire…

Once all of your flowers and foliage have been cut, now is the time to get creative. The bunch I had bought offered large and small leaves… I started off the base using the larger leaves on the outer side and the smaller leaves on the inner. This is because I didn’t want to loose the rounded shape of the wreath. The wreath should be around 70% covered in leaves and foliage, The key thing here is to try and angle the position of the leaves so it looks like they are following either a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. You don’t want the components facing in all directions as it could look messy. It’s so easy to insert the wire, just seamlessly push it though the polystyrene. I didn’t even need to use a glue gun.

Small ‘rose’ leaves on the inside and larger foliage on the outside.

Once you are happy that there is sufficient foliage, it’s time to add the flowers. I added mine in quite a traditional way. I had the large headed flowers, which I call the focal flowers, facing forward and the smaller flowers, which are the filler flowers, followed the direction of the foliage. The best thing to do if you want a traditional arrangement is to mirror the wreath and spread the flowers out evenly.

If you prefer to hang your wreath then just pop a ribbon through it and voila, you are finished! Beautiful!

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