Review: Lush ‘Sex Bomb’ Bath Bomb

Recently I’ve had a bit of a cold and thought I’d treat myself to a lovely long bath. I purchased a bath bomb from Lush. Not the cheapest might I add.

I’m used to heading down Wilko for a £1.50 bath bomb and these Lush bombs can range from about £3.75 upwards.

I thought I would try the Sex Bomb bath bomb as it smelt quite floral which I like as well as having a pretty little rose flower at the top of the design. It set me back £3.95. These things cannot be broken in half so you need to chuck the whole thing in the bath.

Pretty little design, who can resist the little rose flower?

As soon as I popped it into the bath I could instantly smell the floral sweet smell through my blocked nose. It literally helped me to breathe again. It’s a very strong smelling bath bomb and it feels quite a natural smell.

Ready, Set, Go!

The bomb started to fizz as soon as it hit the water and created the most gorgeous pink bath! I loved it. When I was in the Lush shop this was one of the bath bombs that the sales advisor said didn’t have any glitter. I sort of didn’t fancy the glitter given that I had a cold, just wanted something easy going and something I wouldn’t be cleaning out of the bottom of the bath. I’m keen to try a glitter bath bomb next though and would definitely recommend the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb for someone who loves pink and flowers! Have any of you tried and tested any of the Lush bath bombs, which ones would you recommend?

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